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What is this BKOP thing all about anyways?

Last spring a good friend of mine, Mike Howard,  came to me with a burden on his heart. He expressed that he was deeply concerned for the kids and teens of Boron area. He was especially worried about the kids who received free lunch at school. “What will they do during the summer? Who is feeding these kids then?”

And here is Boron there isn’t a lot of kids to do during the summer; especially those kids from disadvantaged homes. “We need to give these kids fun things to do this summer. We need to let them know that there are people in the community who care about them. ” He continued.

Food and FunThis right here is usually where most projects end. We all see things that need to be done. We all have more than our share of issues to complain about. We all have great ideas that “someone” should do in our community. But in the end most of us, including myself, just sit around and talk about doing something but we never really take action.

That all changed last year about month before school ended. Mike’s burden became so heavy that it was imperative that he take action. And that is exactly what he did. He called to order the first meeting and laid out his vision for what he wanted to do in the community. The Boron Kids Outreach Program was boron.

Our first event was the BKOP field day. Over 300 kids came out to the Boron Park to play and eat. And this event like all the other events were completely free to the kids. During last summer we also had a Water Park Day, a Movie night, and a Back to School Picnic. At each of these events there we activities for the kids to do and plenty of food to eat.

But at the heart of this program, BKOP set up a summer time lunch program where we served hundreds of free lunches to local kids and teens. Three days a week any child or teen in Boron could come to the community center and each lunch for free.

And at these lunches we had special activities such as craft days, or game days. And at the end of the summer BKOP gave away truck loads of gently used clothes to the kids and families in the community.

And every bit of this was done by local volunteers and paid for by the volunteers, local businesses, and donation from within the community.

This what happens when people decided to take action and get involved. This is what happens when people stop talking and start doing. It is time to get passionate about our community. Its time to get involved. YOU can make a difference in the life of our local kids. You can get involved right now.

This year we are going to do several events, starting with our Field Day which is June 9th. We are also going to add an fourth day to our free lunch schedule. Other events and activities will include:

  • Back to School Clothing Bazar
  • Back to School Hair Cuts
  • Back Packs and School Supplies
  • Health Education during lunches
  • Crafts and games
  • And much more.

There is so much still to do and we can use your help. And volunteering isn’t as hard as you may think. You can help with a one time project, or work an event activity, or you can help to coordinate and entire event. Everything from making and serving lunches, to face painting, to clean up. If you have a skill or just a desire to help we have something for you to do. And it is so MUCH FUN! To find out more about volunteering contact Sarah at 760-373-0202 or you can email us at

If you don’t have the time or ability to volunteer, you can still help us with donations. We accept financial, food and material donations as well. To find out more about how you can make a donation or to find out what food supplies we need please contact Sarah at 760-373-0202.

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BKOP Meeting Tomorrow Wed 4/25/2012

There is a BKOP meeting tomorrow Wed. April 24 at noon at the K&L.

The main topic will be the BKOP kick off event which is scheduled for June 9th!

We will be discussing:

  • Attractions
  • Food
  • Games
  • Volunteer Support.
We will also be talking about the summer lunch program.

Please come out and join us.


THE NEXT BKOP MEETING WILL BE Wed April 25th at noon @ the K&L. 

2nd Annual Field Day is June 9th



There will be a BKOP planning meeting today at noon at the K & L. 

Hope to see you all there. 

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