The Boron Kids Outreach Program “WATER PARK DAY” was a huge hit! The Giant (20ft x 80 ft) slip-n-slide was the key attraction! Almost 100 kids came out to show off their slip-n-slide talent as well as played water dodge ball, water balloon toss, and obstacle course.

The local kids and teens feasted on snow cones, water melon, and Otter Pops!

It was a nice way to cool off during a hot 4th of July Day.

BKOP would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked the event as well as those who donated the food and materials needed to put this event together.

Special thanks to “The Barrel” and the Boron Chamber of Commerce.

This is our 3rd event of the summer for the local kids and teens as well as our summer lunch program. BKOP is an example of what can be done when regular people come together to make great things happen.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved then click on the “get involved” tab above. At the very least will you help us spread the word? You can simply share this page on Face Book and Twitter by clicking the buttons below.

You can stay informed about upcoming events by clicking the “get updated” button to subscribe to this page.


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